The set of exercises Brian prescribed for me are paying benefits. I’m getting more arc in my swing, my turn seems easier, and because of the longer backswing, I’ve added added 20-40 yards on my irons and metals. Pretty good stuff.
— Robert B., Scituate

Functional Golf Performance

Magill and Gardner is excited to offer the Nike Golf NG360 Functional Performance System (FPS), powered by the Gray Institute.  NG360 FPS was developed by leaders in the field of sports performance.  For golfers of all skill levels who desire to take their game to the next level.

The golf swing is a complex athletic motion requiring coordinated sequencing of multiple body segments.  If there are limitations in strength, flexibility, or balance anywhere in the body, it will result in a less efficient and effective swing.  NG360 FPS is a scientific process of analysis and training that will assess and correct biomechanical deficiencies in order to improve athleticism and performance.

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